Best Instagram Stories For Business 2020

 Best Instagram Stories For Business 2020

Instagram stories for business are you abusiness owner it wants to attract traffic from Instagram to your businessthis video will help you start conversations get leads and ultimatelyget customers to your business are you interested then make sure youlike this video or else your favorite series will be over one season soonerain't that tragedy and if you are interested in growing your business whoisn't and what growing is ramp make sure you also click the subscribe button withBell notifications on roll intro in this video you'll learn everythingthat you need to know about Islam stories for business this will be astep-by-step tutorial that will walk you through everything there is to know froma beginner to professional 

Instagram stories poster so make sure you stickuntil the end because you want to learn all the key principles the foundation ofthe interim algorithm that can help you start conversations that can lead tosales first of all what are these from stories you have posts why shouldn't youuse post also way easier right you you use hashtags um most of the contentyou'll see on the Instagram export page is actually posts is from stories are15-second slides each is from stories is 15 seconds if you have a 60 secondinstrument that you want to upload on your stories it will be divided intofour stories or four slides you might have heard and if you haven't 

I'll fillyou in on everything you need to know Instagram content is not presented in achronological order meaning the content that was posted most recently is notlikely to be shown on top then what is shown on top you might have and if youdidn't our answer what's shown on top of a person's feet is the content that he'smost likely to engage with meaning hauntin that has a lot of likes a lot ofpoints or from someone that he had a lot of conversations with but there is acatch there is a plot twist that will exploit and that is instrument storiesso if you know this room with me right nowyou can see different stories of people and following there's a bunch of peoplesome are my followers some friends summer clients some are influencers Ilook up to you but 

I hate this word influencers he force as you can see onmy feet I have feet posts at the beginning some sponsored posts of courseto host bah-bah-bah but on top you have these red circles they are calledstories in if you actually click this button the camera button a story optionpulls up Hey so okay you have instrum stories butwhat Instagram stories should you post what ideas can you have well you canpost polls quizzes trivia testimonials social proof behind-the-scenes questionsnow help you get all of that and I'll show you examples of all these right nowlet's start with post let's say that you are in the real estate niche you can saysomething like I'll use the filter that I have and I can say

 I know you followedme because you are interested in real estate but do you want to learn moreabout renting out properties or investing in real estate indexes forfunds so just help oh they say I am interested in real estate properties orreal estate funds so based on that what you can do is actually click on yourstory and it will be published how can you get clients from just making a pollfor example if you are a proper real estate property manager you can go seeeveryone that voted on pro option A or B and start a conversation maybe a copypaste message that you can save on your notes or on your quick replies and juststart conversations based on that a sales pitch if you have a business youprobably have a sales pitch right the best sales pitch you have for poweroption number a and B so what kind of quizzes can you do if we actually usethe same piece of content right now we can actually make a quiz out of it forexample if it's in the real estate niche and we want to start a conversationwe gotta make something that not a lot of people know for example if you havepieces of content on a regular basis and you nurture your audience to know somestuff you can ask questions around them for example quiz the best real estateinvestment is option

 1 blah blah blah number 2 be you you you and number C andoption C your yo-yo right and one of these isright somewhere wrong you choose which is the right one and based and you caneven change the color it's stuff like that to match your room pink orange yeahorange looks good and what you can do here is based on their reply whether isit the correct answer or a wrong answer you can again make a copy paste messagethat you can send to the right messages and to the wrong answers and startconversations along that if you have a lead magnet like a PDF an infographic onbasic rules of real estate investing you can say well give me your email or clickthis link and I'll sign you up for my email list and then you can nurture themto become paying customer a little thing that you can do a Contentidea for instrument stories for businesses is actually trivia so whatyou can do is just copy facts from Google TV effects and I'll show you away that you make them more interesting for that I'll actually use an app calledmojo so what I like to do is when I create Trillian I have the paid versionof mojo there's the work options that you can use in the free version butsince I have some clients I'd rather use the paid one so what I do is a copy ofreal estate pack for example 

I'll add some text and you can do it for anynation just giving you examples you can apply it in your niche with Apple test Ican use a VHS effect and say real estate makes my a well-known fact the more youcan do to spice it up it maybe change the background a little bit maybesomething like this or we can add some music decrease or increase the durationand just save and upload this story restate makes money we'll go ahead savethat and we can upload it this can really help you out making some storiessuper super quickly and you need these from stories throughout your day I wouldactually suggest having four at minimum so that might be a good fit anotherreally good example especially for photographers and for songwritersmusicians zone is to behind-the-scenes type of content evenfor videographers because your production quality is very expensive andyou can just have stories of expensive dinners and maybe you don't really feellike it a great idea is to actually take as much footage as you can when you goahead and do the production of your next movie of your next song even the layersyou have or the music creation app you have these process the funny moments thebank moment the sad moments even the breakdowns I actually use the breakdownsfor some of my clients we try to capture everything when I have a client which ison tour 

I asked her to capture the breakdowns after a while we can use tocreate different pieces of content and behind-the-scenes footage you never knowwhen you need those right even a good music video like Ed Sheeran photographstyle with the journey from zero to hero you can use all this footage behind thescenes footage really easy footage for example rightnow what I can do as behind the scenes footage would be something like hellolook at that we're cleaning the room and I'm trying to record a video one veryimportant tip that I can tell you is when you recording you met and you havea lot of important things to say is you cannot put the sound on or something toalert people that you have sampled and the basic principle is don't say it showit so if you are talking about an object and wrong if you're going to talk aboutit top for five seconds to capture the person's attention and then show itdon't see it so basic principle photography videography

 I'm pretty surethe basic principle it is a business and it is in capturing as much retention aspossible from your viewer more ideas testimonials and product offerstestimonials clients if you have clients you can use the same format and pastesome testimonials creation of them from your website if you have a Shopify storenow maybe you have that you said it automatically from uber or whatever theAliexpress provider product offers obvious if you have aflash sale something because in stock something went out of stock you can useall of this to create great Instagram stories if you have above 10,000followers you can actually use the Swiper featureyou do not have above 10,000 followers you can check the video in the cardsabove on how you can do the Swiper feature on Instagram without having10,000 followers how cool is that so yeah make sure you experiment startearly ugly that's a good tip don't hesitate to make mistakes especiallywhen you're starting out and when it comes to starting out we can say that alittle bit of a push when you're starting out can really help out so inthis series

 I want to give back to the community the shoutout Rose if you wantto be shouted out in one of the next episodes make sure you comment downbelow something that you've learned from this video or maybe even your favoritecolor or what your YouTube channel or Instagram account is about so I canshout you out in one of the next episodes the shout out winner for todayis actually hast animated and he says I am here doc he committed first and hesaid my day was good I really want to see where those hashtags gave me take meand why is that and why am i shutting him out well thedude is running the main page and he's from ebay he's getting a few thousandlikes right now and he asked me to send him some hash tags from flipper becausehe didn't have funds to purchase it right nowso if you need help with your Instagram account or need an

 Instagram all it forfree comment down below and let's see if I can help you out for free and rememberthat a video day keeps the doctor away but this is no medical advice this is nofinancial advice don't sue me bro but by the end of this video make sureyou check this video that was graciously presented to you but YouTube's algorithmthat knows everything that you are doing when no one else is watching or makesure you watch this video that I chose for itbye 

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