How To Explore Instagram Page in 2020

How To Explore Instagram Page in 2020 

Instagram explorer page you want to beon it and I want Nutella so let us do a small favor and get on with B so how doyou get on the Instagram export page this is exactly what you will learn ifyou stick until the end and if you're new here make sure you click thesubscribe button if you want to grow on Instagram and if you want to help me outmake sure you click the like button as well is it time yeah roll the intro let's start this video with the shoutout rules if you want to be shouted out in one of the next episodes make sureyou comment down below something that you've learned from this video somethingthat you've hated about the video for a chance to be featured and if you want toknow if you are in fact the shara winner make sure you stick and do the end sohow can you hit the instagram export page it's a game of chance that beingsaid the odds are not 50/50 those of coin to your Witcher heads or tails itdoesn't matter because it's not 50/50 because I'll help you raise the odds uphitting the Instagram export page

How well good Instagram practices cantrigger the Instagram export page algorithm you might notice that yourfriends or people that are not super super famous sometimes get on theInstagram export page wise that is reserves unique experience content theytry to provide a unique experience for each user on their platform to keep themas long as possible addicted to their great platform I'm addicted to Nutellaso to provide that unique experience they'll share content to you to yourexport page that is connected to a user that you've previously interacted withfor example if you DM a person a lot and now all the sudden that person has apiece of content that is over performing his typical posts the odds of thatperson appearing on your export page is even higher so to replicate that as abusiness as a musician as someone who wants to grow on Instagram you want tocreate content you want to interact with your followers as much as possible whatdo

 I mean by that going on Instagram and creating instrument stories the moreit's from stories you create and the more poles you add to them the morequizzes you add to them the more opportunities you have to actually starta conversation with strangers start a conversation with your followers themore interactions you have with your Instagram followers the higher the oddsof them singing content on their feet and also on thatInstagram export page a super basic crew here is tall so make sure you reply toevery single comment you have and also especially if you are below a thousandfollowers make sure we go into these followers that always like your contentfirst interact on their content comment on their content to make them moreactive to show the Instagram algorithm that your Instagram account and there isRAM account have a lot of in common to actually forget about the coin flippingand have a real process to hit the Instagram export page algorithm creategood pieces of content do we even need to talk about that yes with you so Ihave a few clients that

 I'm working with and most of them most of their pieces ofcontent are great but they are not always great for their audience forexample a kind of mind that we work for while she posted a bunch of photos ofherself mirror selfie stuff together because they were way easier pieces ofcontent every day before work or when she was going out to just take a photoof herself the situation was she was gaining aroundtwo to three thousand likes on these pieces of content and Corinne ceramickept cats over a hundred thousand followers so for her that was not a wallshe was upset about tell me about it getting to collection big upset levelsgame so what we did was figure out what is good content within her niche whatwas actually her niche was this just her beauty and you know pretty pictures knowexactly partner Luke and couple photos we came to the realization that she gota lot more comments for what more shares and saves on her content when sheactually did pieces of content with her husband so more couple selfies partnerLuke selfies you know all the vacation photos stuff like that that worked thatwas the actually good content we need her niche and we managed to tree axedher reach on cripple so just relax relax were like double ish but we sometimes wehit pinkie and stuff like that obviously when we wentin ceramics poor pitch but the main figure actually

 Lucca is reached per daywe managed to triack's her reach per day and she was on the export page withpretty much every single piece of content that she did one of the otherthings that I really want to help you out with and this is a bonus tip isInstagram post optimization how do you optimize your instrument post so firstof all I want to show you a - have you ever had a situation where you writeyour content like this I love my Nutella and then put the line and have thehashtags but when you post it on Instagram it actually goes like this thehashtags you know there's no spacing none of it how do you fix that withoutadding dots in between well the - and it's free - that you can use it'sactually called Instagram line break I'll have a link for it in the scriptdown below but what it does is when you write your text and click the convertand copy button the text you get then you can paste on your Instagram post andit will look exactly how you wanted it - ain't that nice yes it isbut the question you might be asking yourself is well Niki I can't evenfigure out my hashtags 

I don't really have that issue well we have this issuenow because there's case that is that show that's writing your cash tags inthe comments we use the reach on your post so that's not the greatest idea soyou should definitely work on getting them in your post and paste it like thatbut then you might be thinking well what hashtags do they choose well I have awhole video about it and you can see it in the cards above and my dog wants tobe included in the video so if you want to learn how to do a good instrument hastech research choose the right hashtags for free within the Instagram app or waythe - you should definitely check it out it's a great video and if you want tofind out the - that can help you do Instagram hashtag research check thelink in description down below and there's one more thing that a lot ofpeople don't actually know when it comes to

 Instagram post optimization and thisis actually our text how do you add alt text or you can edit when you're postingwhen you click on additional settings but if you forgot to do that what you dois you just go on your Instagram click one of the latest post you haveedit and then click edit out text and then you can edit working from home howdoes that help well if you can see my hashtags aroundInstagram lifestyle blogging vulgar stuff like that they were actuallyhashtags that have below 500 likes and above 50 like sitting on average Ichoose them with the two 

I was talking about hashtags that I can potentiallyrein corner so by adding alt X you actually help the instruments poor pagealgorithm to put you at the right screens why is this important well let'ssay that you post a picture of your dog but you're using a hashtag for reddit orfor a cat if you appear in export page for rabbits or for catschances are your post will underperform and be spewed out wrong the export pagebut if you have the alt text that says this is a picture with my dog and stufflike that this can actually help the algorithm position you in front of theright size the right reached the right impressions that will get you the rightlikes and keep you on the export batch for as long as possibleit was great video wasn't it but did you manage to like it you know 

I can see ifyou didn't like it thank you for liking it now we can continue with D shout outtruth who is the shower winner on this episode it's actually after PubMed whosays if we forget old password what I can docuz I'm shouting him out because he forgot his password so if someone canfind his password please help him out he's on my comments and remember that avideo day keeps the doctor away Sina next one bye oh by the end of thisvideo make sure you check one of these videos out this one or this one 

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