How To Post On Instagram From A Computer in 2020

How To Post On Instagram From A Computer in 2020 

I gotta be perfectly honest which Irelax with things how to post on Instagram from a computer in 2020 thisis what you learn today and in fact you learn not only one but two ways to do itfrom Instagram from your computer directly from Instagram I know youdidn't see that option and Israel doesn't want to see it but I'll show youa way to see it there are no waves you got a non-operatingand then another option is actually from an Instagram platform that MarkZuckerberg wants to use you hear about it after the intro rowing okay let's start this video with thisshoutout choose if you want to be shouted out in one of the next episodesmake sure you comment down below something that you loved about thisvideo something that you've absolutely hated about it 

For chance to be featuredin one of next episodes and if you want to know if you are the one and onlyshout out winner on this episode make sure you stick until the end aboutsomeone even need to pause from a computer on his room will say that youwent on a high there's a lockdown right now if you're watching this but ifyou're watching this in march/april 2020 there's lockdown you can really gooutside but okay let's say that you went outside despite the wording which youshouldn't do by the way you forgot your phone now you're left with your computerand you can't post anything on Instagram that makes you depressed don't worry
 I hope you are how can we do that well what we gotta do is come to my computergo to the lab because you're in the doctoring show okay so the first way that's probablythe easiest way to do it is just go on Instagram comm from a computer from yourbrowser super simple and click on your profile right here and when you'rebetter you don't see any option right you don't see options there's no way toactually post here right on your phone you have a plus sign it's here you don'thave it and I'll show you a way to fix that right now what you do here is justclick on inspect this on his back to click that and suddenly Instagram goesinto a mobile responsive mode if that doesn't happen you just click thisbutton double device to bar to bar you can switch it on and off until you gethere and here you're in the mobile version but still you might be thinkingwell there's a lot of code do

 I have to do anything no you do not because all wehave to do is click the refresh button which is f5 or click here look at thatlook what we have here we have a pause button and if we click it will be ableto upload but there's one more way that you can do it because they promise twoways we got one out of the way so there's one more left what is the otherone it's super simple you go on business dot slash creators to dojust this that's not me when you load it up click on Instagram if you don't haveany instrument to just click Instagram accounts that you're currently streamaccount what you do from here is just click create a post and image ba ba baba click publish you go to your Instagramthat was pretty simple now wasn't it 

I think it was as well so this is the wayyou can post on is room for from a computer in 2020 if you actually need todo it but if you don't just all track like record human being from Instagrambe honest which actually focused on Instagram from creators to new and I'lltell you why you can actually schedule your postthere if you can this arrow bottom button right here andclick on schedule you can actually schedule the date time and so on and I'mscheduling my posts on my business page like a week head for clients not alwaysa week head because now because of the situation in early 2020 we reduce thesales II posts and captions we moved them into more self-care and awarenesswashing your hand stuff like that caption post or e stuff like that withit to create the work dose so who is the shouting winner of this video let's seeokay so the shout out winner is actually carried gallon and and I'm really sorryif I pronounced your name wrong who says can you help me to make goodbye oninstrument age and how to interact with others to get followers

 I say hey what'syour Instagram handle at niche is a spooked and doctors page and then Iasked him what was the name foodie Rome export to go check him out and followhim right now and he says this doctor space started before a week please tellme what mistake am I making so I say the view page makes me hungry though how doyou choose your hashtags what reach per post are you getting advice to start forpost a day for these three weeks because I saw his last post was so here the postin the day he asked me that then from what I remember he had a post two daysprior so now that could sister now are we and then say for at least three weeksyet tried it out and see the results I see you miss some base it's a team pagea you gotta actually post like move on time so they normally hash think yesautocorrect on since I was putting post before last week okay yeah so the bestway to contact me to comments I have too many stream DX right now 

I replied thefastest here what I said was you should continue to actually post four timesdaily like no matter what you should do that and do eight to nine stories a dayit's really easy to make really cool ones with mojo actually have a videointo cards above it's about how to create instrument or ease for businesscontent is there's so many ideas that you can do you can use more to to createsuper interesting stories you can actually even use following follow toget one point 1 2 K extra followers a good tip that 

I thinkyou can benefit from when watching this video is do more polls and quizzes toringette your followers so they can see your content more so when you have dopolls and people reply to those posts that can be an opportunity to startconversation if you start conversation and converse with this person he's morelikely to dance your post higher up in his a trumpet which is obviously a goodthing which brings us to the conclusion of this video and remember that a videoday keeps the doctor away it is no financial advice this is no medicaladvice do your own due diligence don't sue me bro and I hope to see in the nextone and by the end of this video make sure you check one of these videos outthis one or this one this one or this one should I repeatthat this one or this one 

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