How To Sell On Instagram Directly

How To Sell On Instagram Directly

 How to sell on Instagram shoppable postsand how to add Instagram product tags coming right upwhat is it raining yeah it's raining because by the end of this video youwill be able to sell products from your external page you don't need the websiteyou don't need Shopify you don't need all these logistics all these platformsto be able to sell stuff online now show you how after I get the nice refreshingjuice and we can use some beer oh right here who's good oh okay so the idea ofthis video is to take you from zero to hero a beginner's guide on how to createsoccer ball ads and I'll try to make it as easy as possible to understand as aprocess because it's pretty simple to be honest and let me say from now if youhave any questions at any point of the video make sure you comment down belowthe question so I can help you out and answer them and if you want to help meout make sure you give this video a like and while you're at it if you areinterested in growing on Instagram in growing your business and selling thingsonline make sure you also click the subscribe button and click the bellnotifications because now the subscribe button doesn't do anything and the

 Bellnotifications are actually the subscribe button which will let you see the futurevideos so yeah the simplest way to do it is basically go on Facebook calm youprobably know the URL it's a niche company not everyone knows it Facebookmaybe you've heard of it go there and on the right you see something that lookslike this you have calm create than you have allthose and friend requests feel no you don't have any of those cos you don'treally have any friends now do you then you have your messageno messages either your mom doesn't count then you have notifications thoseare from the BMS on my Instagram account questions no idea 

Help Center thingsthat don't really help you out and then you have a triangle something like thetriangle go ahead click that if you scroll down you see a button that saysmanage groups the best thing you can do is click the button and see what thebutton does and what it actually does for you is it goes to your pages youdon't have any Facebook pages do not worryit's pretty simple to create one you just click create a page as you can seein the button here then you have two options business or brand or communityor public figure I would assume you're not the presidentof a small country so I will actually pick business or brand but if you're apresident go ahead and click community or public figure so if you go ahead andactually choose business or brand you just create a page choose the categoryand it's very important to make it a sales page the sales template then whatyou gotta do is go on Instagram you can do one of these things if you have aShopify store you can actually import all the product for some of the clientsand decline that

 I created the footage from to show you how it's done how weactually build from the Shopify store but it's pretty much the following go onInstagram and if you don't have a shop you have this image that says editprofile' promotions edge of email this is sewing you'll set everything up andyou run e-commerce shop oniisan click on add shop and you know you can set up theshop when you connect your page when everything is done and you've createdyou've added the product on your page what you can do for previous photos isgo ahead on them click Edit as you can see here and then you have an option fortech photos and tech people as we already acknowledged you don't have anyfriends no people around you but maybe you have some products that you'd liketo tap so go ahead and do that click on tech products and you're pretty muchdone you can do it all post and then you cando it for any new post you have for twist it's harder on creator studioI don't think it has the functionality to do that now let me check pretty sureit doesn't go on the tag button yeah you have it operators to do so if you'resketching stuff on credit or you like me you gotta go ahead and edit the postlater on

 I pretty much schedule most of that post for my clients at a time spanit's very close so it works for me to actually go ahead and end it at anyproduct so basically have a Content calendar that helps me keep an eye onthe brand strategy what's going on within the business what do we need topost what stories do we need to do is there a new product are we going to havea soft launch do we need to review some Easter eggs around the product stufflike that before the launch and based on that I would have a Content calendarplanned out and to be honest you should do or I'll spank you this is it fortoday's episode it was my pleasure entertaining you guysin the rows and you are in the lab which means you are in the doctor Nicky showand no 

I do not have a PhD no this is no medical advice no this is not financialadvice no don't sue me bro do your due diligence and make sure youcheck one of these videos out by the end of this one because video day gives thedoctor away see next one bye 

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