Instagram Stalkers Exposed Who Stalks My Instagram Account

Instagram Stalkers Exposed Who Stalks My Instagram Account

 Who Stokes my super I'll get all of yourInstagram stalkers exposed right now but first let's get the elephant out of theroom shall we yes and both as you know I'm not gonna mention the situation inthe world cuz I still want this video to be monetized so I can get five bucksthere's no hairdressers working and I was like can just shave my head it'smore practical it was probably a stupid idea but I'm not gonna go outside thatmuch I work from home so it's so good fun fact did you know that according tothe Daily Mail most killers stalk their victims on social media before murderingthem say criminologists so know your stalkers be safe find out who is talkingyou own Instagram and more if you stick until the end of this videoI'm dr. Nicki and you are in the lab which means you are in the dr. Nickishow roll the intro okay since we need immune boosters andstuff like that instead of making coffee

 I'm gonna peelan orange while talking to you guys what's a better place to do an orangecome with me let's start this video with the shadow tools if you want to beshouted out you want to mix episodes make sure you comment down below whatyou've learned from this video or what you've absolutely hated about it for achance to be featured in one of the next episodes and if you want to know if youare the shower winner on this episode make sure you stick until the endso who Stokes my Instagram do you need an app to see who's checking yourprofile on a regular basis or can you do it natively from the app well you can doit from the app you don't need to enter your password anywhere it's all for freeand

 I'll show you how right here by just taking a look at some sources firstlet's talk about the myths there's a bunch of apps on the App Store and onthe Google Play Store that I do not suggest you download and enter yourpassword in to check someone you are interested in is taking your Instagramprofile or just wondering in general if a business partner may be your futureemployer that you just went to an interview on is checking your profilestuff like that if you want to just don't use an app and I'll tell you whythe third-party apps collect your data they sell it to social media marketingplatforms the tail lights follower stuff like that and then you find out you haveengagement that you didn't do for example you like the photo you don'trecognize this is literally because of that you authorize third party apps intoyour 

Instagram account how could you that wasn't very smart now was it sounder myth is that everyone on top of your Instagram stories is stalking youit's actually false and let me explain how the algorithm works there were somecase studies by has a talk about them there's a reddit video so don't go toomuch into depth about it they'll just tell you the results people on top docheck your profile normally but sometimes the people at the top top arepeople that you have interactions with with the EMSA stuff like that if someoneand that there's case studies for that people probably did the callif someone is checking out your profile and doesn't DM you or like your photobecause the algorithm wants to start a conversation between YouTube he willappear on top of your stories and that's proven with so many case that is therewere people on reddit that tested it out with new accounts and found out it to betrue if someone is checking your profile there's a profile visit doesn't DMEurope is literally stalking you he might be right on the top of yourstory sleep so the best way to find out your stalkers is to actually create

Maurice who are stories and then see who viewed themso again just do stories check who's on top first person if you startconversations with them skip that the first person after that is talking youthat was pretty simple right you didn't have to pay anything you didn't have todownload anything and best of all if you have any questions whatsoever you cancomment down below and I will reply to them because I reply to all comments howabout that and best of all if you have a good comment you can be like the toshout our winners on this video so the first winner is actually mrs. visa stoodand I'm sorry if I'm pronouncing your name wrong COO says okay you haveconvinced me your suggestions for content ideas are fantastic thank you soglad to hear that too to help there was on the Instagram content ideas how youcan have unlimited amount of Instagram content ideas non-stop for as manycounts as you like and I'm glad that

 I managed to help her because this is theidea of these videos then we have bored AF who says Instagram doesn't allow meto post comment follow anything easy the share of man and I say did you get anaction blow kisses yeah it seems that he actually read other comments becausenormally I tell people that our action blocked then keep getting actual dog tounnie sell the app Rae login with another account stuff and so on and soon so he says but we can do that because I don't know my past and just say gointo your browser and reset your password if you don't know your emailrecover the email if you don't know your email we had a case like that nothingcan help you your best bet is to actually content Instagram directly byhelp if that doesn't work Facebook help then you can get a messenger latch atweet laughter representative that can probably help you out so much fortoday's episode remember that a video day keeps the doctor away and by the endof this video you should definitely check one of these two videos out and ifyou're new subscribe 

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